❖ The fare displays on B2BHOLIDAYS.COM is the lowest fare negotiated among the Global Ticketing Partners. In no circumstances shall B2BHOLIDAYS.COM reveal any information including but not limited to Commission, Rate of Exchange, Original Currency, and Ticketing GDS related to the Global Ticketing Partners. ❖ B2BHOLIDAYS.COM does not honour any dispute on the fare rule and other conditions which had already been listed on the order. B2BHOLIDAYS.COM reserves all the right for the explanation of the fare rule in case B2BHOLIDAYS.COM fails to display it correctly. In the meantime, B2BHOLIDAYS.COM reserves all the right to charge the service fee on behalf of Global Ticketing Partners. Related scheme of service fee would be provided to buyer users.
❖ Once buyer users accept the price and flight options, buyer users will be required to input the correct passenger information, the information including but not limited to Surname, Given Name, Date of Birth and Passport ID. B2BHOLIDAYS.COM shall not take responsibilities of any loss including but not limited to be denied boarding or name correction by the Airlines caused by providing the inaccurate passenger information. ❖ Buyer users are fully responsible for the validity and legality of the transactions. B2BHOLIDAYS.COM reserves the right to refuse ticketing in case of the abusive of carriers’ fares and GDS. If such performance results in direct or indirect loss for B2BHOLIDAYS.COM or its Global Ticketing Partners, B2BHOLIDAYS.COM reserves all the right to recourse from buyer users. Meanwhile, buyer users should be responsible to manage all the accounts properly. B2BHOLIDAYS.COM is not liable for or any direct or indirect lost due to the lost or stolen of the accounts. ❖ Orders may be kept for up to 24 hours when created by buyer users. And the booking associated with the order would be automatically cancelled if the payment has not been made by users within this time limit. In rare cases there may be fluctuation of price due to the availability or fare change, the final price is only confirmed while doing the payment. Buyer users may contact B2BHOLIDAYS.COM customer service centre to hold the orders for longer time within 30 minutes of order generation, but B2BHOLIDAYS.COM is not able to commit the order validity after holding. ❖ Duplicate bookings created beyond B2BHOLIDAYS.COM should be cancelled in time in case the Airline cancels the ticketed bookings in B2BHOLIDAYS.COM. B2BHOLIDAYS.COM will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss caused by airline cancelling the ticketed booking due to duplicate bookings beyond B2BHOLIDAYS.COM.
❖ Buyer users may benefit all the available payment options in order to proceed and create the order and generate the ticket. B2BHOLIDAYS.COM shall not be liable for the validity of the orders which have not been generated within the ticketing time limit. ❖ Once the payment has been made by buyer users, B2BHOLIDAYS.COM gives tacit consent to that buyer users have come to the agreement on settlement with passengers. B2BHOLIDAYS.COM shall not be liable for any loss for buyer users fail to collect payment from its passengers or take part in any communication directly with the passenger. Buyer users shall not request B2BHOLIDAYS.COM to suspend the coupon status in any circumstances. ❖ Buyer users shall be responsible for all bank fees and surcharges when pre-pay a certain amount to B2BHOLIDAYS.COM’s bank account and B2BHOLIDAYS.COM shall credit the funds as actual received from buyer users less bank fees and surcharges into buyer users’ pre-pay account and each of the transactions shall be deducted until not sufficient for one transaction. If buyer users and its sub-buyers request B2BHOLIDAYS.COM to refund the unused deposit/prepayment, B2BHOLIDAYS.COM shall return it to buyer users and its sub-buyers within 25 working days to buyer users’ and its sub-buyers’ original payment account and/or channel upon reception of written request. If buyer users and its sub-buyers have already benefited from the preferential policies or rebates from B2BHOLIDAYS.COM, buyer users and its sub-buyers will need to refund the benefits due to the preferential policies and rebates given by B2BHOLIDAYS.COM before applying for refund of the total unused deposit/prepayment. If buyer users and its sub-buyers cannot refund the preferential policies and/or rebates, after deduction of the amount of preferential policies or rebates, the final deposit/prepayment amount will be refunded to buyer users and its sub-buyers. ❖ If online instant payment is selected as the settlement method, photocopy of card holder’s official ID shall be provided according to this agreement. Buyer users shall be responsible for cases including but not limited to fraud and chargeback of the credit cards. The direct loss of B2BHOLIDAYS.COM caused by the above cases shall be directly paid by buyer users with immediate effect, or B2BHOLIDAYS.COM has the right to invalid such buyer user account until B2BHOLIDAYS.COM receives the fund of the direct loss and indirect loss caused by above cases. ❖ Buyer users shall contact B2BHOLIDAYS.COM if system error occurs while processing the payment on B2BHOLIDAYS.COM. B2BHOLIDAYS.COM’s finance department shall investigate into the cases and refund the discrepancies back to the related accounts. If credit cards are declined or if there’s any dispute due to the above error, B2BHOLIDAYS.COM would be able to assist. Investigations shall be made, and solutions shall be provided by B2BHOLIDAYS.COM within 7 business days, and refund of the discrepancies (if any) shall be returned within 15 business days. ❖ All the refund shall be returned through its original channel. B2BHOLIDAYS.COM shall negotiate with buyer users in case of the disputes on settlement and payment problems. B2BHOLIDAYS.COM reserves the right to refuse on involving the third party like passengers/ the Airlines into the disputes.
❖ Once payment is received and acknowledged by B2BHOLIDAYS.COM, the ticket issuance will be processed immediately. Most of the tickets will be issued within 120 minutes since payment received. On rare cases when B2BHOLIDAYS.COM fails to issue the tickets within 120 minutes, notifications along with related reason and alternative solutions shall be raised within 60 minutes. If buyer users fail to accept the alternative solutions, unconditional refund will be proceeded by B2BHOLIDAYS.COM. Compensation to buyer users and its sub-buyers will be made according to the following criteria: ✓ Regarding full-service airline flight order (“Full-service airline”: The airline participates in the IATA BSP/ARC liquidation and has a 3-digit settlement code with a 13-digit ticket number), Each order (regardless of the number of passengers in the same order) will be compensated 10EUR; ✓ Regarding low-cost airline flight order (“Low-cost airline”: The airline does not participate in the IATA BSP/ARC liquidation, and the ticket is not a 13-digit ticket number), and each order (regardless of the number of passengers in the same order) will be compensated 2EUR; ✓ B2BHOLIDAYS.COM’s compensation to buyer users and its sub-buyers shall be paid in the form of top up (subject to the restriction clause) to their current credit limits. Those credits can only be used by buyer users and its sub-buyers upon purchase from B2BHOLIDAYS.COM, those credits cannot be exchanged for cash. ✓ The compensation only applies to the normal purchase from buyer users and its sub-buyers. If B2BHOLIDAYS.COM finds any malicious purchase initiated by buyer users and its sub-buyers, compensation will not be applicable. Buyer users and its sub-buyers agree with B2BHOLIDAYS.COM’s final judgment on whether the purchase is “malicious”. ❖ All the ticket issue requests shall be raised in B2BHOLIDAYS.COM’s portal instead of oral notifications under any circumstances. No paper tickets will be provided. Itineraries will be provided by B2BHOLIDAYS.COM in a specified format. ❖ B2BHOLIDAYS.COM reserves the right to refuse issuing the tickets while the flight departure time is less than 240 minutes. ❖ In rare cases that buyer users or passengers receive related email/messages directly from the Airline which will not be considered as the notification and commitment from B2BHOLIDAYS.COM. ❖ Waitlisted or partial waitlisted bookings may be cancelled by the Airline at any time and B2BHOLIDAYS.COM will not be liable to inform buyer users in case of cancellation. B2BHOLIDAYS.COM would only inform buyer users in case of bookings waitlisted successfully.
5.1. Ticket Refund 5.1.1. Voluntary Refund and Refund without dispute For Voluntary Refund and refund without dispute, refund payment shall be accomplished within 20 business days of request received except the delays caused by the airlines/suppliers; 5.1.2. Involuntary Refund and the Refund with Dispute For Involuntary Refund and the refund with dispute, related documents and certifications are required upon request. B2BHOLIDAYS.COM shall apply Involuntary Refund to the corresponding Airlines and refund payments shall be accomplished within 20 business days upon written approval of the Airlines. On rare occasions that Involuntary Refund rejected by the Airlines, B2BHOLIDAYS.COM customer service centre shall contact buyer users for further action. (Related disputes shall be confirmed by Airlines arbitration) Buyer users and its sub-buyers needs 5 working days prior to the ticket expiration date to apply for refund, otherwise, B2BHOLIDAYS.COM will not guarantee to fulfil the refund request, but should actively coordinate and cooperate with the treatment. 5.2. Ticket Change For the Reissue/Revalidation that can be executed by B2BHOLIDAYS.COM, change shall be proceeded and accomplished within 240 minutes once the payment is confirmed*; For the Reissue/Revalidation that cannot be executed by B2BHOLIDAYS.COM, change shall be proceeded and accomplished by the next business day once the payment is confirmed. The non-voluntary ticket change request shall be subject to the specific regulations and operation results of the airlines. 5.2.1. Exception B2BHOLIDAYS.COM will fully assist on but cannot guarantee the ticket Reissue/Revalidation when the departure time of the requested flight is less than 24 hours. On special occasions including but not limited to booking class/price change, booking cancelled by the Airline after the payment is collected, B2BHOLIDAYS.COM shall notify on buyer users within 60 minutes along with the alternative solutions. If buyer users fail to accept the alternative solutions, unconditional refund will be proceeded by B2BHOLIDAYS.COM. 5.3. Ticket Void Unless specified, B2BHOLIDAYS.COM does not honour any Void request on issued tickets. * 5.3.1. Exceptions B2BHOLIDAYS.COM shall provide buyer users with related time limits and regulations for ticket void services. 5.4. Service Charges B2BHOLIDAYS.COM will charge service fee 10EUR/Person to buyer users for the above ticket refund/ticket change, and ticket void.
❖ Passenger Contact Information shall be provided by buyer users in case of Flight Cancellation and Schedule Change notification from airlines, or B2BHOLIDAYS.COM shall notify buyer users with Flight Cancellation and Schedule Change and buyer users will be responsible to notify the passengers. * ✓ *Exceptions: Notifications on Flight Cancellation and Schedule Change occurred within 6 hours of flight departure shall not be guaranteed. ❖ B2BHOLIDAYS.COM and its Global Ticketing Partners shall make all efforts to assist buyer users and their passenger(s) on the Change/Refund requests due to Flight Cancellation and Schedule Change. B2BHOLIDAYS.COM and its Global Ticketing Partners shall not be liable for any loss due to the failure of such request.
❖ B2BHOLIDAYS.COM provides buyer users with 24/7 Standardized Customer Service, on which no addition charges shall apply. Manual Services like Re-pricing the existing orders or Ticket Change, Refund and Void supports shall be defined as Standardized Customer Service. ❖ B2BHOLIDAYS.COM provides buyer users with 24/7 Self and Emergency Service, on which no addition charges shall apply. Emergency Service shall be defined as situation like passengers are not able to Check-in the flights departure within 180 minutes by holding the successfully issued / changed tickets through B2BHOLIDAYS.COM. ❖ B2BHOLIDAYS.COM shall collect additional charges on behalf of its Global Ticketing Partners in case of special requests like expediting the services to orders with flights which are not departing within 180 minutes. The additional charges shall diverse case by case and need to be confirmed by B2BHOLIDAYS.COM Customer Service Centre.
❖ B2BHOLIDAYS.COM and its Global Ticketing Partners should ensure the accuracy and correction of tickets issued to buyer users. B2BHOLIDAYS.COM takes limited liabilities due to B2BHOLIDAYS.COM’s and its global ticketing partner’s mistake which caused passenger’s failure to travel as the ticketing itinerary: ✓ B2BHOLIDAYS.COM should arrange alternative flight(s) with same cabin class departs within 24 hours as the original itinerary passenger booked; ✓ B2BHOLIDAYS.COM should arrange passenger’s accommodations at the place of origin or transfer if it’s reasonable and necessary. The Standards are as below: • First Class: 5 Stars Hotel • Business Class: 4 Stars Hotel • Premium Economy and Economy Class: 3 Stars Hotel If local hotels do not have any rank, B2BHOLIDAYS.COM will arrange accordingly. B2BHOLIDAYS.COM would not be liable for any compensation for hotels booked by passenger or buyer users without pre-authorization. ✓ The compensation amount will be up to EURO 110/passenger or the equivalent of foreign currency additional to above arrangement. ❖ Buyer users are responsible to check the validity and information correctness of the tickets. B2BHOLIDAYS.COM is not liable for any mistake or error caused by the Airline or GDS. But B2BHOLIDAYS.COM would assist buyer users on the communication and the claim for compensation with the Airline and GDS. ❖ B2BHOLIDAYS.COM shall take no responsibility to execute any related after-sale services for tickets which have been changed / refunded through channels / parties other than B2BHOLIDAYS.COM. ❖ In the situation of passengers fail to travel as the ticketing itinerary due to non B2BHOLIDAYS.COM reasons, if buyer users want to ensure the passengers travel as the ticketing itinerary, buyer users have to book and pay the corresponding orders in B2BHOLIDAYS.COM system again in order to get the new ticket issued. B2BHOLIDAYS.COM will assist with claiming for compensation from related parties if it’s not the buyer users’ or passengers’ liability for such cases after verification.
• “Us” or “Our” or “We” refers to B2BHolidays • “Member” or “Agent” refers to the users of B2BHolidays website • “You” or “Your” refers to B2BHoliday Member or Agent who is authorized to use and have access to B2BHoliday products and services through B2BHolidays.com website. • “Customer” or “Client” or “Passenger” refers to the end-user of B2BHolidays products and services who is a customer of Member or Agent. • “Chargeback” refers to any disputed credit or debit card sale that is returned to the acquirer bank for reimbursement of the cardholder's account. Chargebacks can be procedural (issuer-initiated chargebacks) or substantive (cardholder-initiated chargebacks). • “Product” or “Travel Inventory” or “Services” refers to hotel accommodations and other travel related products and services.
B2BHolidays reserves the right to change and modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Changes will be effective as soon as they are published on the B2BHoliday website.
• A booking can maximum have up to 9 pax. • A hotel has the right to cancel bookings made for more than 9 pax from the same agent and similar dates or to modify rates and booking conditions. • A booking is considered to be a “group booking” when there will be ten (10) or more pax travelling. • B2BHolidays member/user is responsible for the making the booking to ensure that the room type booked will be suitable for the pax travelling. In case if more pax come up at the hotel, the hotel reserves the right not to accept the booking. No refund will be made if this happens. • All bookings/reservations must be made online. • All the group booking requests should be submitted on B2BHolidays’ website, b2bholidays.com. • It is important that the person making the booking must enter the correct names of all persons travelling. • The passengers’ nationality must be entered correctly by selecting “Client Nationality” at the time of search/booking. This information must be in accordance with the Passenger passport the rates displayed will be specific to the nationality entered. Any incorrect information regarding nationality may result in a financial loss and B2BHolidays cannot be held responsible for such losses. • Trade Fairs/Special Events bookings must not be made with fictitious names for you to hold space. Hotels may reject bookings made with abbreviations, such as TBA. • During fair periods some hotels do not accept bookings for more than 3 rooms for the same period. If a booking has already been made, we will inform you accordingly.
• The hotels with “Request” button and bookings with On Request Processing status means that the hotel does not have any available allotment. However, B2BHolidays will contact the hotel to book the requested room(s)/spaces. You will be informed within 48 hours, if Your booking has been confirmed or rejected. If the hotel could be confirmed at a different rate, you will be advised. • The confirmation may not be guaranteed, and hotels have the right to reject “On Request” bookings.
• All the information such as map, hotel details, pictures, hotel ratings, notes are provided only for information purposes. Although we strive to provide the related information as accurate as possible B2BHolidays cannot be held responsible in any way if the results are inaccurate or incomplete. We advise you to contact the hotels directly if you’re unsure about the location or would like to get further information. • Hotel ratings and related quality standards may be varied according to the destination, the country and the ranking standards. B2BHolidays does not hold any responsibility regarding any issues caused by the rating standards. • B2BHolidays’ member/users are responsible to check all the details (such as hotel address, hotel info, city and country details) before and after the booking made and make sure all the reservation details on the pre-paid accommodation voucher are correct. • B2BHolidays aims to provide the most up to date and correct hotel information but due to reasons beyond our control we cannot be held responsible for the hotel information, pictures and facilities of the hotel displayed on the website. Please do not hesitate to contact us or the hotel if any facility or a feature is important to you. • Hotel maps in the system are for information purposes only. For accurate information please refer to the address of the hotel in the voucher. For travelling directions and complete location information it is advised to contact the hotel directly. • In order to provide you with the best available rate and the widest range of hotels, B2BHolidays has access to different wholesalers, providers and hotel chains. On the rare occasion a hotel mapping issue may arise regarding the hotel name and address, please refer to the name displayed on the booking page and confirmation page (and not search page) where the final hotel information is displayed.
• B2BHolidays always forward all room type preferences to the hotel, room allocation is done by the hotel and subject to availability at the time of check in. • B2BHolidays will try that the hotel provides the room type(s) booked. However, there may be occasions like instead of a double-bedded room a twin may be allocated or a double -bedded room instead of a twin. Furthermore, please be aware that the majority of European hotels provide two (2) single beds pushed together to make a Double bed. • Specific room types, smoking preferences and bedding types for double/twin rooms cannot be guaranteed and are subject to availability at the time of check in. It is always guaranteed that the room provided by the hotel will accommodate the number of pax booked.
• Once the request/reservation confirmed, B2BHolidays cancellation, amendment and no charge policies applied. B2BHolidays’ user/members are responsible to check the related policies before and after the booking. • B2BHolidays reserves the right to cancel any booking that the booking was/has been made for the purpose of holding space for a future sale. • The hotel has the right to cancel the booking if the passenger is attending any conference, congress, convention, trade fair or any special event and/or if they consider that the rooms are being blocked over one of the periods. • All cancellations and amendments must be made on the B2BHolidays website. • B2BHolidays will not accept any responsibility for any changes and cancellations made directly with the hotel. • All request for cancellations that are not made in proper time frame are subject to cancellation fee determined by B2BHolidays. • It is important to note that only one amendment per booking will be accepted. If you require further amendments, please cancel and re-book with new details. When You cancel, and re-book, terms and conditions and new rates may be applicable. • In certain cases, name changes are not permitted, and the bookings may need to be cancelled and re-booked. In this case new rates may apply. • If amendments are permitted, the following Amendment conditions may apply: Changes to arrival/departure date, room type, or name change or where special offers were applied at the time of the booking may result in the re-pricing of that item, Product or Service. • In case of duplicate bookings, B2BHolidays never guarantee a confirmation of the bookings. If there are duplicate reservations on the system you need to amend one of them according to voucher conditions. Hotels might reject to confirm duplicate bookings, and in this situation, responsibility belongs to the agency.
• If a pax arrives to the hotel after 21:00 hours, please contact the hotel and inform them the expected arrival time. Some hotels have limited reception services after 21:00 hours. Failing to inform the hotel of a late arrival can result in the space being released. • If the client leaves the hotel before the check-out date, an invoice will be issued for the full stay and if the hotel confirms a reduction, it will be our responsibility to issue a credit note for the amount to refund. It is compulsory for the client prior to leaving the hotel to ask for a written declaration that states the exact date in which the stay was terminated and its availability to carry out the refund from the hotel. This document should be presented to B2BHolidays in order to get the refund for the unused nights.
• The rates can be displayed in various currencies provided on B2BHolidays’ website. However, B2BHolidays accepts card the payment only in GBP, EUR, and USD. So, the users/members will see the rates both in the preferred currency and the default currency at the check-out. If you are paying in any other currencies the amount will be converted into GBP/EUR/USD using the exchange rate on the day at the time of the payment. Please note, this condition does not apply for credit limit payments. • The rates displayed in the system may not include tourist, local or city taxes. City tax information may be displayed on the remarks section on the voucher but not always. If you are not sure please contact our reservation team at support@b2bholidays.com. • Rates are confidential and must not be disclosed or used in negotiations with a hotel/supplier or third party. • All rates are valid for the leisure market only. B2BHolidays will not accept responsibility for any booking if the client of the agency is not travelling for leisure purposes and if it becomes known, B2BHolidays cannot be held responsible if the hotel charges at the rack rate or higher rate than original booking. • We reserve the right to amend all rates quoted in the event of any changes in Government taxes. Any such charges will affect new and existing bookings for passengers who have yet to stay at the hotel or utilise the service booked. • Our company name will appear as B2BHolidays on your card statement. If a B2BHolidays member/user has used its clients credit/debit card to book the hotel then, it is the responsibility of the B2BHolidays member/user to inform its customer of this important information in order to avoid any misunderstandings. • Some hotels, particularly in the U.S. do charge a “resort fee” which must be paid to the hotel directly. This is typically in the range of $10.00 to $20.00 per room and per night. B2BHolidays is not responsible for resort fee charges and has no control over their implementation. • B2BHolidays cannot be held responsible for any international transaction charges passed on by your or your client's credit card issuer. • B2BHolidays has no responsibility for the extra charges at hotels such as parking fees, mini fridge, safety box, television remote, sauna swimming pool use etc. Such charges should be paid by the client directly to the hotel. • As a cash or credit card client, payment must be done BEFORE the cancellation deadline. If you pay by bank transfer money must be in our account BEFORE the cancellation deadline. If the funds have not been received in our bank account, the B2BHolidays system will automatically cancel your reservation at cancellation deadline 3.00PM UK TIME. • All bank charges and cost of transmitting payment must be borne by the client, including intermediary bank charges where applied. B2BHolidays will only cover costs made by our bank. • When a booking has been made by a 3rd party B2BHolidays reserves the right to request proof of ID from the credit cardholder as well as a signed authorisation form to protect Your B2BHolidays account. This security measure is not to cause any inconvenience but, intended to protect the credit card holder against any credit card misuse. • In the event of a problem at the hotel which results in client having to pay, including but not limited to an unnecessary fee, for a service which is expected to be provided, the client is asked to obtain any receipts as proof of purchase. Upon the client's return, please submit the receipt(s) to our Customer Service Department. Please note that we cannot refund any costs without the provision of a receipt. Please note that a full refund is not guaranteed.
Member/Agent is financially responsible for payment for Travel Inventory that is the subject of chargebacks, frauds and/or other refunds. Without prejudice to the right of the Member/Agent to appeal a reported Chargeback with the acquiring bank, Agent explicitly agrees to accept any such reported reversed payment, penalties and/or other fees and expenses reported by B2BHolidays and/or its affiliated acquiring entity, provided that B2BHolidays notifies the Agent of any such chargeback, penalty or other fee or expense. For the avoidance of doubt, B2BHolidays has no liability whatsoever and will not refund any payment to your credit card, debit card or your account. Upon notification of a Chargeback, Agent may initiate a challenge to the Chargeback by forwarding all transaction information to B2BHolidays within permitted time period by e-mail (e.g. signed order form to provide proof of the cardholder’s authorization of the transactions or acceptance of goods). Upon receipt, B2BHolidays will forward this information to the acquiring bank. Chargeback case will be finalized regarding to the International Card Regulations (Visa, Mastercard, Amex etc) between Issuer Bank and Acquirer Bank which, will make the final decision of the case. In order to protect B2BHolidays against any form of fraud, unauthorized use of the Services or prohibited activities, including, but not limited to misuse of an Agency Account ID, B2BHolidays will have the right to immediately modify and/or suspend some or all of the provision of Services to Agent by written notice. B2BHolidays shall use this right of modification and/or suspension of the Services in good faith, with restraint, and when any one or more of the following occurs: • Number of Chargebacks affecting the reputation of B2BHolidays; • B2BHolidays reasonably suspects or has evidence that fraud is or may be occurring; • B2BHolidays reasonably determines that the Agent is wilfully dishonest, fraudulent and/or engages in misconduct with respect to its business or affairs; • The risk profile of Agent and/or its transactions change significantly; • An acquirer, card association, payment method supplier, governmental or supervisory authority requires or advises B2BHolidays to modify, suspend or terminate the Services; A law, rule, banking regulation including, but not limited to, currency restriction from local and/or central banks mandates modification, suspension or termination of the Services.
• Any complaint which cannot be resolved at the hotel must be notified to Us by logging into your B2BHolidays account and using the related tools to notify us. All complaints must be notified to Us within 15 days of the check-out date. A copy of the complaint must be also be submitted to and signed by the hotel manager. Complaints relating to hotel services will be forwarded by B2BHolidays to the relevant party. • B2BHolidays team will get back to you between 5-30 working days depending upon the nature of your query. • B2BHolidays does not take any responsibility for the quality of the hotel booked. Any complaints relating to hotel facilities, standard or quality do need to be brought to the attention of the hotel management at the time of the stay. So, the hotel can be given the opportunity to try and rectify the situation. If you have done this and not received a satisfactory resolution to the problem, please contact B2BHolidays. If an offer or reduction is made by the hotel where B2BHolidays is required to resolve the issue later, the passenger will need to provide proof of this in writing endorsed and signed by the hotel.
• In cases where the hotel booked is included but not limited to closed, overbooked or has maintenance problems and cannot provide the rooms booked, B2BHolidays is responsible for providing an alternative hotel with the similar category of the original hotel. • B2BHolidays cannot be held responsible for the losses for the reallocation as it is beyond the control of B2BHolidays. • As soon as the prior relocation notice is sent by the hotel/hotel supplier, B2B Holidays will contact you by email or a message in the system. However, in some cases the hotel may relocate the bookings at the time of check-in, without prior notice which is beyond the control of B2BHolidays. • On spot relocations the client/passenger must notify B2BHolidays in the event of any hotel discrepancy upon arrival. Failure to so may affect future complaints or any compensation settlement.
• B2BHolidays shall not be liable to you for all indirect or consequential losses which may be incurred by you. This shall include but not limited to; o Any loss of profit (whether incurred directly or indirectly), o Any loss of goodwill or business reputation o Any loss of opportunity o Any act(s) and/or omission(s) of the Client(s) affected or any Member(s) of their party o Any act(s) and/or omission(s) of a third party not connected with the Services and which were unforeseeable or unavoidable o Any circumstances beyond B2BHolidays’ control such includes, but are not limited to, acts of nature, labour disputes or any other irregularity beyond B2BHolidays’ control. o B2BHolidays disclaims responsibility for any loss, damage, accidents, sickness or changes in schedules resulting from causes beyond its control.
• These Terms and any action related thereto will be governed by the laws of United Kingdom. All claims, legal proceedings or litigation arising in connection with the Product, Travel Inventory, Services will be brought to courts located in Birmingham, and you consent to the jurisdiction of and venue in such courts and waive any objection as to inconvenient forum. You agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Birmingham, United Kingdom to resolve any legal matter arising from the Terms. Notwithstanding this, you agree that B2BHolidays shall still be allowed to apply for injunctive remedies (or other equivalent types of urgent legal remedy) in any jurisdiction. The prevailing party shall have the right to collect from the other party its legal fees, expenses and costs and necessary disbursements and attorneys' fees incurred in enforcing this terms and conditions.
• For B2BHolidays user/member protection, B2BHolidays.com will not accept direct communications from your clients by phone, fax or email. It will be our responsibility to immediately inform you if this takes a place. • All members/users are responsible to ensure that they have entered a correct email address. • B2BHolidays reserves the right to withdraw access to their product, whether via the online booking system, XML or white label with immediate effect in the event of a breach of these terms and conditions. • B2BHolidays functions as an intermediary. We will not be held responsible for any damage that may arise from natural disasters including but not limited to floods, earthquakes, landslides and situations that cannot be linked to our company as acts of negligence. • B2BHolidays will not be obliged to request any visa documents from the hotel for any bookings. • If any provision of these terms and conditions is or becomes invalid, unenforceable or non-binding, you shall remain bound by all other provisions hereof. In such event, such invalid provision shall nonetheless be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and you will at least agree to accept a similar effect as the invalid, unenforceable or non-binding provision, given the contents and purpose of these terms and conditions.